HONDA CB650R 2019

HONDA CB650R 2019

There was nothing that wrong with the outgoing Honda CB650F, however in a packed middleweight class it failed to stand out from the crowd due to its bland copycat styling.

In giving the CB650R the CB family look, Honda have handed this underrated bike a unique selling point that may catch riders’ eyes and tempt them into taking it out for a test ride.

If they do they will discover a surprisingly sweet handling naked with an engaging inline four motor and bags of easy going charm. The dash is terrible, but that’s the only real blot on its copybook. 2004 gsxr 600 fairings

The outgoing CB’s conventional Showa Dual Bending Valve forks were excellent, but fashion dictates that inverted are the must have item and the new CB gains Showa Separate Function front forks.

They retain all the plushness that was so impressive on the previous units and while not adjustable, are set perfectly for sporty road riding. Combined with the surprisingly agile chassis, the CB is a very sweet handling machine that rolls into bends with little effort and lots of fun.

The shock has 10 stage preload adjustment, how to paint motorcycle fairings but like the forks there is little need to deviate from its factory settings for quick road riding.

Honda claim to have given the 649cc inline four a bit of extra poke, but you would struggle to notice its 5% increase in peak power.

What is far more apparent is the beautifully light reworked assist/slipper clutch’s action and the revised gearbox, which changes ratio with the faintest of touches (a super slick quickshifter is a 295 accessory).

While lacking the instant torque of the parallel twins that dominate the middleweight class, the inline four’s linear power is smooth with a decent midrange and it is a refreshing change to have a motor that likes to be revved. bike fairing

When applying the power again from a closed throttle it is a little abrupt to respond, but once on the gas it’s very controlled.

The CB650R comes with inverted forks (non adjustable), radial brakes with ABS, traction control (Honda’s Selectable Torque Control) and an LCD dash.

Overall the CB has a feeling of quality with LED lights and a good level of finish, but the LCD dash is disappointingly dim and tricky to see in daylight. r6 fairing kits

Brake hard and the CB’s brake light and indicators will automatically flash as a warning thanks to Honda’s emergency brake warning system, which is standard fitment.

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