The Ultimate Air Jordan 11 XI Concord (Sample to 2018) Review & Comparison

yo whats good everyone it’s Marvin from M Jo 23 dan calm today I am bringing to you one of the best Air Jordan 11 Concord comparisons on YouTube and you want to know why because this was the last piece that I was waiting for this my friends is the Air Jordan 11 Concord in the original 45 let’s get started with the review our guys were less than two weeks away from the Air Jordan 11 Concord release on December 8 2018 for a retail price of 220 bucks now this was the last piece that I needed in order to do this review and this comparison because I haven’t seen really anyone do it just maybe like one or two people on Instagram but this is gonna be in video form and I think this is going to be the best review that you’ll see here on YouTube and I’ll say that I’ll brag about out boast about it because it is going to be and you guys know that you know I bring to you one of the best comparisons there is so anyways this is the original Air Jordan 11 Concord from in 1995 it is a sample a Salesman sample in size 9 so I was fortunate enough to visit with my homie Ace,cheap jordan 11, you can follow him up on the screen here also in the description below but he’s a sample and player exclusive collector I just hit him up and I was like hey look man I’m doing this comparison I want to be able to bring it to you guys and I think this is the gem that I need in order to do it and so yeah you’re looking at it this is the 1995 salesman sample and this is the sneaker that Jordan Bren actually glazed over to look and see to be able to bring to us the 2018 version of the Concord 11 in number 45 so I’ve been saying this since December of 2016 maybe even November 2016 when the Space Jam is released and I share with you some video footage of that and I also shared some well I will share some video footage of the wind like 82 video and where I also said again that we need to see the Concord 11 in number 45 in a future release so two years pretty much my guess is right the stitching wasn’t there but that’s ok this is still something that Michael Jordan wore and debuted to the world the number 45.

so having to actually have the sample version in my hand and now the 2018 version in my hand this is going to be a great comparison review alright guys so here it is the Air Jordan 11 comparison and review now I did include the DMP just as an honorable mention and Concord 11 Lowe from 2014 alright guys so without wasting any more time this is it right here you’re looking at the 1995 original sample of the Air Jordan 11 Concord in number 45 next up we have the og from 1995 the next release after that was the 2000 Air Jordan 11 Concord and just as an honorable mention because it is not a true Concord 11 this is the DMP from 2006 next up we have the 2011 Air Jordan 11 Concord another honorable mention I’ll do here is the Concord 11 Lowe from 2014 and then the newest member of the bunch is the 2018 Air Jordan 11 Concord with number 45 on the back so this releases on December 8 2018 at a retail price of two hundred and twenty dollars now to be honest with you this I feel like is the closest retro that Jordan bran has put out in terms of the Concord 11 now if I were to rank all of these guys that you see up here I would definitely give the nod to the original salesman sample of the Concord 11 with the number 45 on the back but because the Air Jordan 11 Concord is such a prized possession in my collection I will say number one goes to the original and that is the Air Jordan 11 Concord from 1995 ,jordan 11 china,this right here is what started it for me as you guys have followed my collection over the years or I’ve watched previous videos this was the one the next one I feel like is a great retro but is not entirely the same as the og is the 2000 air Jordan 11 Concord now this you’ll find nowadays with the yellow outsole a lot of people like that a lot of people don’t different strokes for different folks but this is the retro attempt from Jordan bran in the year 2000 and it actually is one of the first ones that came back with a lower cut patent leather now Jordan Brown would continue doing the low cut of the patent leather even through the 2006 DMP 11 and another significant change too is that they move the Jumpman facing to the rear so you’ll see that the jump man on this specific 11 is when it started to move towards the the rear so you’ll see the jump man ball or the figure facing towards the back whereas on the og you always saw the jump man facing towards the front.

so these are just some of the little things that Jordan brand does to differentiate the sneakers throughout the years 2011 was the first time that they had retro the shoe since the year 2000 jump man is still facing towards the rear they heat press the 23 on the back it is no longer screen print so if you actually match this up with the og you’ll see that there’s a screen print on the og and a heat press on the 2011 so there’s a different method of the 23’s here as you see on the concord 11 I definitely prefer this green print of the 23 because it doesn’t peel off and fade as much as it does on these newer retros so we’ll put those down and then we’ll move on to the Concord 11 low so this one I actually favor the sole of them because it closely mimics the og sole and you can see that here with just a slight color differentiation but this right here is pretty close to what I remember in 1995 so it’s been about four years,cheap jordan shoes, now this has not yellow this is a dead stock pair same with this one as well but you’ll see the differences there the color has slightly faded and even like to a little bit of a tint of yellow on the og but still a great looking pair nonetheless and then you’ll also see on the Concord 11 low that they do do the heat press of the 23 and that hasn’t really changed for quite some time alright and now moving to the 28 team the difference here is that they move the Jumpman facing towards the front of the toe just like it is on the OGS and the 2000 and they’ve been doing this since the I want to say the 2016 Space Jam 11 and they actually gave a nod to the og heads when they move the jump man facing rear to the front of the toe they also put number 45 on the back because this is what MJ wore in the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals against the Orlando Magic as I pointed out in previous video so they’re actually giving a nod this is again the salesman’s sample of the 45 concorde 11 to this specific pair so I’m pretty sure Nike had or Jordan Brandt had a pair like this in the vault or they borrowed one from a specific collector just I had done so for this review but not much has really changed so the only difference really between this salesman’s sample from 1995 and the og is actually the numbers on the back as you can see Jordan Brand switched it from 45 to 23 because that is what Michael Jordan wore so as I was studying this specific shoe from 1995 in the salesman sample is that yes it does have 45 and I do have the original the only difference I really saw was the height of the patent leather on the medial side of the shoe everything else is the same the Cordura mesh the way that it’s stitched together right at the third eyelet here the way the toes look the way the collar looks despite the 45 on the back I pretty much measured every single area on the sample that I did on the og so even though the 45 looks great and I am glad that is actually back for 2018 this was a great shoe nonetheless so this actually seems like it has a bit more thicker patent leather so you can see on the insides here how thick that looks on the sample they didn’t really replicate that on the 2018 although it is present on the og so that that cut of patent leather this is something that’s really really nice and it shows the quality of the sneaker overall now obviously this is worn as well so you’ll see like a lot more yellowing in the shoe this is actually a size 9 so in sample sizes back in the day and probably they even do so now is that there are size nines and 13s in samples so this you can’t particularly wear well I can’t particularly wear one because it’s not mine and two it’s something that’s probably going to be unglued as you wear it and honestly if you ever saw somebody walking down the street wearing a number 45 on the back you pretty much have to do a double-take as you know it doesn’t look anything like the 2018 version of the shoe so you tell me in the comments what you guys think do you guys prefer the Concord 11 with a 45 on the back overall I guess in general or number 23 or this sample from 1995 with the screen print of the 45 honestly I think Jordan Brand did an excellent job mimicking or retro in the shoe and taking cues from the shoe and bringing it to the 2018 alright so for comparative purposes .

I have on the left the sample of the Air Jordan 11 from 1995 and the 2018 of the Concorde 11 in number 45 so right out the box you do see that the leather quality is pretty on point with the 2018 in comparison to the 1995 sample you’ll see that the leathers have been broken in you’ll see all the different wrinkles on it the 45 on the back is screen printed on it is fading a bit because of age moving on to the 2018 you’ll see that the 45 there is heat pressed if we’re comparing the OG which is on your right to the 45 on your left you’ll see that the 23 is screen-printed on the jump man is a bit different than your normal one from 2018 the way that they did the jump man’s back in the day you pretty much had no neck you had a Jordan butt crack you couldn’t see the fingers the shoelace is really it was just a really sloppy looking jump man as compared to now I think they do a fine job with stitching that on and I’ve always repeatedly said that throughout all my videos again comparing that to the salesman sample with the jump man’s so let’s actually go through the years this is the jump man on the sample here’s the jump man on the OG from 1995 here’s the jump man on the 2000 the DMP actually embossed right there on the heel 2011 the Lowe from 2014 and the 2018 so one thing I do want to point out with the 2018 retro and the retros previous to that is the thickness of the laces so these are these roll places that everyone loves and originally is supposed to mimic the net of the basketball so just going through the years this is the 2018 version of the laces and I’m going to go all the way back to the sample has the thick even thicker laces so the sample was the same as the one on the og you can see like how thick those laces look and if you were to actually put these laces on a basketball hoop you get a swish every time so I actually appreciate the time and energy they put into creating these shoes to pretty much get it as close as they can to the original one reason I feel like they do that is because they want to disassociate from the rest of the years here so that everyone has a chance to be able to distinguish what these pairs look like during their times of release so when somebody asks like why can’t they get it exact I actually don’t want them to get it exact I want them to actually give us different nods to the different years so when you see that leather on the back where it looks like it is softer out of the box I appreciate that now when it comes to the quality of the leather I appreciate what we got in the og with a thickness with the patent leather cut the thickness of it the construction probably not so much because as you can see and it went up to the DMP you’ll notice as i zoom in here how they overlap the cord or mesh right there on the third eyelet moving over to the og and I’ve pointed this out in videos before you can see the overlapping of the Cordura mesh even to the mm it’s just not a clean stitch and I believe this was one of the last years they did it with the 11 then they moved on to putting the seam on the inside and actually making it look a little bit more flush it’s not overlapping at all just a cleaner look moving on to the low and then now to the 2018 so some of those design upgrades I felt like they did a good job in doing with the Air Jordan 11 now one thing I must say also is even though it is a clear rubber I love how the 2018 looks I also love how it looks on the low and then 2011 I feel like Jordan Brand really did drop the ball on this one as you guys remember the yellowing around the herringbone traction pods definitely something that we didn’t expect as the years went by this is a D s pair a lot of you guys remember how that all turned yellow and then the patent leather is just a duller look to it so it doesn’t have exactly that clear shine that it did on the rest of the Air Jordan leavens that released throughout the years now let’s see I brought a patent leather height I brought up patent leather cut so you guys let me know in the comment section below I know a lot of the oh geez will appreciate the height of the patent leather on the 2018 because it does resemble much like the og and as I do a back shot pretty soon of the patent leather I’ll be able to show you guys a little bit more up-close of that cut alright.

so what I want to do now is I actually want to take a ruler to the back of the patent leather and give you the measurements here for each patent leather cut so the back of the sample you’ll see that it is about three centimeters on the OG three centimeters as well on the mm they actually took it down a half centimeter so it is about a 2.5 or two and a half on the DMP same thing two and a half on the 2011 it actually went down one full centimeter from oh gee so you have it at two centimeters it’s about the same size as it is on the Air Jordan 11 low then on the 2018 they brought it back up to three centimeters all right so on the sample I’m gonna go ahead and measure at this seam right here you’ll see it’s out of three I’m gonna go ahead and do one more point right here at this cutting die Nick and that is at a three and a half here it is on the OG it’s at three and a half and then at the cutting die Nick at the back it’s at four and a half on the mm we have a three and a half and at the rear we have four on the DMP we have three and at the rear we have four on the 2011 we have two and a half and at the rear we have three on the 2014 11 low we have a two and a half and at the rear we also have two and a half finally on the 2018 we have a three and a half and at the rear we have a four all right and so taking a look at the soles we have the 95 sample the 95 og the 2000 the DMP the 2011 the 2014 and the 2018 you’ll see the age all throughout the years factors include glue the rubber compound the tint of the rubber itself everything all throughout the years if I’m to choose the sole that I like the best I would still say the og air jordan live in Concord and even though I do appreciate age when it comes to yellowed soles the mm looks great but I’d have to give the nod to the 2014 because that’s as close as I’ve seen it to the og and of course newer soles when it comes to newer pairs like the 2018 Concord 11 something fresh and brand new about sneakers is just something that I always appreciate all right so now that you see the differences between the years what is your guys’s favorite let me know down in the comments section below do you think that Jordan Brand did an exceptional job of recreating this classic Air Jordan 11 Concord in 2018 let me know down the comments section below what you guys think alright guys so that is it thank you guys so much for checking out the review if you guys can do me a favor and hit that thumbs up button share the video as well with your friends and family and subscribe to the channel slash MgO 23 dan you can also follow me on Twitter Instagram and Facebook and I also have my website em Joe 23 Dan calm and if you guys would like to purchase merchandise such as a t-shirt you can go ahead and do that on em Joe 23 Mediacom alright guys thank you so much for watching thank you guys for your support I’m very glad to be able to bring to you the entire Air Jordan concorde 11 with the 45 on the back review and comparison but anyways that’s about it thank you guys again I’ll talk to you guys later take care and just an honorable mention here we have the og Air Jordan lemon Concorde baby version from 1995

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